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2010-01-10 16:29:11 by vancleff

Well, you may have noticed a long absence (or not since no one actually looks at this thing) but im sad to say im no longer making flash and won't be for a long time, check out my friend vonsallian though, he makes some okay music

Humble Beeswax

2009-01-21 16:17:04 by vancleff

My friend gave me this idea a couple of months ago, about a bee or something trying to get home or to a honey jar or something. She called it humblebeeswax and came up with some wierd song that we then forgot but now we will use a different one. It should be finished by the end of the month!

Maze Game

2008-12-22 05:57:21 by vancleff

I am continuing my maze game obsession with a game where you actually control the character with your keyboard! (WOOOOO!) Other the past couple of months since i posted here i have found out a lot more actionscript so expect to see some actually good games soon. however i still need to know more about hitTest because it never works for me

Wacom Tablet

2008-09-18 04:39:56 by vancleff

Finally I've got Wacom Tablet! I'm making some mini vids to get used to it but i'm still not too good


2008-07-04 13:04:58 by vancleff

Ok guys i'm gonna make a halo movie! Any suggestions? I'm still drawing master chief so wait a bit and i'll soon be done!Master Chief from topThis is one of the images i'm copying from! (405th is a good website for Halo models)


2008-06-15 02:58:01 by vancleff

hey guys! that game/interactive movie i submitted got in! look at my flash submissions to see it! or go here:

uh huh

2008-06-08 05:03:23 by vancleff

Ok guys i'm a. lvl 6 and b. gonna submit another mvoie that's actually good this time! so be ready to watch it! it'll be on here soon!Edit: Ok my other movies got blammed so i'm banned from submitting for 6 more days so on sunday you will see it in the newly submitted ones (purple in the Portal Home) and hopefully also on Monday and after that!

uh huh


2008-06-02 03:40:03 by vancleff

ok guys i submitted that animation... but it was Blammed! i'm making it longer and adding sound this time but i can't find any sound can you give me some sites? (not the free sound project i can't login to that for some reason)



^^^^(Look down)

2008-05-30 04:06:14 by vancleff

OK that last one didn't work i'm making a new animation the same way but it will be better

my animation

2008-05-19 13:44:01 by vancleff

Ok guys im busy making my first movie im not sure it will get in but it's a stick movie with the people re-drawn every frame so it takes a long time. Don't expect it too soon. Im also making a Madness tribute i just need a sprite map that works

my animation